Welcome to my Virtual Classroom!

Welcome to my Virtual Classroom!

Teacher Blogger, Sarah Weedman, created an at home classroom for virtual and distance learning

Kentucky Teacher Blogger, Sarah Weedman, shows at home classroom design for virtual and distance learning.

Teacher blogger, Sarah Weedman, show at home classroom for distance and virtual learning

Kentucky Teacher Blogger, Sarah Weedman, creates at home classroom for virtual and distance learning

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.


March 13th is the day that everything changed. It was my last day in my physical classroom. At first we were supposed to only be gone for two weeks… which turned into two months… which turned into an entire summer of unknowns. Finally, the last week of July, they announced we would not be going back until at least October.


I am very fortunate that my district values safety of our students and teachers. I know this decision was for the best but I was still heartbroken about the idea of not starting the school year in my classroom. I have spent so much time and energy into making my classroom a home for my students but if I have learned anything during the pandemic, it is that a classroom is truly just walls. What makes a classroom special is the students I share it with. This year we will just have to adjust to sharing that space virtually. I was determined to still give them a classroom atmosphere while working from home.


I live in a 740 sq foot loft so I do not have a room for an office. Used my Cricut Explore Air 2 to create a virtual backdrop for my classroom. I used Cricut removable vinyl to create wall decals that best represented my physical classroom (flamingo themed). Today was our first day of school and I was SO excited. My heart also melted a little bit when a student said “OMG! You still have the pink duck classroom even though you are at home! I was so excited when I found out was getting the pink duck teacher!” I hated breaking the news to him that the pink ducks are actually flamingos- ha! But it was the sweetest moment!


Here is what I used:

Cricut Explore Air 2

Removable Vinyl (Blush and Olive)

Standard Grip Mat (12x12)


(I did not use transfer tape but I totally should have)



I wrote out the words “Together we can do virtually anything” in Cricut design space. I rearranged them and made them as large as I desired. Then the more important part was clicking “ungroup’ this allowed my letter to print in the large size individually. If I would not have hit this my letters would be a smaller size for an item like a t shirt or tote bag. I used my weeder to remove the letter from the page and then placed them where I wanted. I think this process would have been easier for me if I would have used transfer tape, but I didn’t think about that until I was finished. I placed the word virtually on the wall first and then added in the other words, always trying to start with the center letters to help everything line up evenly. You can use my project with your Circuit by clicking here!


Next, I used a premade wall art template for the flamingos and palm leaves. Really all I had to do was follow along with the prompts! Finding a premade design saved me so much time. I did decide to “mirror” the flamingo images in the print settings so that I could have flamingos face each other. You can find the flamingos and palm leaf template here!


I am so excited for this upcoming school year and so thankful Cricut helped me transform my home into an amazing virtual classroom!


Wishing everyone a wonderful year!


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